Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?

2. What are cookies used for?

3. These cookies are used by IMD to enable access to our Services:

4. Third party cookies

5. How do I manage cookies?

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of information, like a tag, which some websites create on your computer/mobile phone “Device” which identifies your Device whenever you visit that website. In order to provide you with the best possible online experience, IMD Media Ltd (“IMD”, “Our”, “We”, “Us”), may create cookies when you visit one of our “Services” which include: Group IMD, IMD Cloud,, IMD Fastrax

2. What are cookies used for?

It’s important to note that the cookies we use don’t harm your computer and don’t store personal information about you, such as credit card details, rather they store identity numbers which we use as a reference, helping us to provide our Services.

In order to help you, cookies may be used to:

  • Help us identify you when you use our Services
  • Keep you signed in.
  • Enable us to understand how people are using our services, so we can make them better.
  • Help us provide you with a better and personalised experience when you visit our websites or use Our Services.
  • Recognise when you have signed in.
  • Ensure Our Services are working as expected.

3. These cookies are used by Us to enable access to Our Services:

Known as First Party Cookies, these cookies are set by our Services you visit/use. Only our Services can read them.

You can find more information about the first party cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them in the table below:

login-session-id, login-token, share-url, subsidiary-id, userid, account-name, api-url Used to provide login and access to Our Services for your account.
admin_leftbar_collapse, admin_rightbar_show Enables personalisation of Our Services to provide you with a richer experience.
CloudFront-Expires, CloudFront-Key-Pair-Id, CloudFront-Policy,
CloudFront-Signature, default_order_item_region, intercom-id-cyym0u3i, intercom-session-cyym0u3i, locale, pnctest, rack.session, SigniantAppInstalled, uploader
Enables access to features of Our Services based on your account profile.
_helpkit_session, _x_w, helpdesk_node_session, user_credentials, wf_filter, wf_order, wf_order_type Enables access to features of Our Services based on your account profile

4. Third party cookies

These cookies are set by someone other than Us. This is because we use Third-parties to help us provide and monitor use of Our Services.

You can find more information about the Third-party cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them in the table below:

__ar_v4, __qca, _ga, _mkto_trk, ajs_anonymous_id, ajs_group_id, ajs_user_id, JSESSIONID, login_idle_session_timeout, login_service_login_newrelic_com_tokens, nr_zd_logged_in, optimizelyBuckets, optimizelyEndUserId, optimizelySegments, ref_page_url, TSNGUID Used to report and monitoring the performance of Our Services.
_ga, _gat, _gid Used to report what parts of Our Services are used and how.
Used for our support portal and provides an anonymous ID so that your session can be identified.
_zlcstore, _zlcmid, _zlcprivacy Used for the online chat feature of Our Services.


Used to monitor the performance of Our Services.

5. How do I manage cookies?

You can accept or decline cookies. Most PCs automatically accept them but you can modify your browser settings to decline them if you wish. Each browser is different, so check the ‘Help’ menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.

If you decline cookies, some aspects of Our Services may not work on your Device and you may not be able to access areas you want. For this reason we recommend that you accept cookies whilst using Our Services.

If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising you can do so by changing your preferences here: and using the Google Analytics opt-out tool here:

If you’d like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them, visit