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What’s made a splash in Adland this year?

We interviewed the great and the good of the advertising world at this year’s Cannes Lions. Find out how they think the industry is changing, the impact of tech on advertising, and the only time you’d catch them on a helicopter. We asked them: ‘What’s made a splash in your world this year?’

John Hegarty, advertising legend

“Working with the United Nations on the World Food Programme: download the Share The Meal app and feed a hungry child.”

Ken Rudman, Sohonet

“Working with storytellers from all over the world and helping them do what they do…the things we’ve been doing in the film and TV industry for over 20 years.” — Ken Rudman from Sohonet

Pieter Mees & Frederick Neus, Zentrick

“Innovation is happening so rapidly, people have been trying to catch up…they’re ready now for the next wave of innovation. That’s going to have a huge impact on the industry.” —Pieter Mees, CTO, and Frederick Neus, CEO, Zentrick

Corey Norris, VideoAmp

“Access to data these days is incredible, so we can target really efficiently. No-one wants to see bad ads, right?” — Corey Norris, Marketing Director, VideoAmp

Phoebe & Fiona, Glassworks Productions

“We’ve been doing a lot of content suddenly geared towards VR, so that’s new for us.” — Phoebe Scott, Executive Producer, and Fiona Meylak, Production Assistant at Glassworks Productions.

Christian Schorm, Glispa

“Playable ads and interactive ads. I come from the creative side, and I feel that’s where we can make a change and get people’s attention and keep it there. As a designer it’s nice to get a lot of data, and make meaningful design and meaningful content.” — Christian Schorm, Creative Director at Glispa